About Us: The Experts

William Webb is a master custom builder with Focus Homes
William Webb is a master builder with decades of experience with custom home construction.

A partnership of two industry experts.

William Webb began his construction career at the age of 24 when he decided building his personal home, with no previous experience, would be a simple procedure. Looking back he says “It was the most expensive education I ever paid for, but I learned more from the experience than any other training available”. He learned how to do every single task involved in the building process, from the footers to the final inspection.

William became a Licensed Contractor in 2001 and has built over 200 custom homes since. This added knowledge he acquired from his “Hands on Education” has been a great asset in keeping cost low, quality high and customer service that’s second to none.

In addition to his building experience, William had the honor of being the 2014 President of the Polk County Builders Association. This was a position he found much pleasure in getting involved with. “I had no idea as to how much the bureaucracy from Building Codes and other mandates were adding to the cost of new homes”, he said.

He prides himself on the fact that each home built creates a relationship that last a lifetime. “For me, it’s not a job; it’s a labor of love seeing our clients realize the home of their dreams.”

Jared Weggeland is a new homes sales and marketing expert
Jared Weggeland has helped thousands of families find and build new homes for close to 20 years.

Since 1997 Jared Weggeland has been involved with engineering, building and banking and he completed his four-year degree in Construction Management at Brigham Young University – these experiences became the foundation of an amazing new home career. “Since I was a small boy I have dreamed about new homes. I drew homes from a young age, and I would also build homes out of Lego blocks and Lincoln logs regularly. I just love everything about new homes – it’s in my blood!” he said.

In 2000 Jared also began selling and marketing new homes. From there his career evolved into managing all aspects of construction, sales, marketing, mortgage financing and operations with larger regional and national builders. He has worked as a district sales manager, general manager, district vice president, area sales manager, division marketing manager, mortgage broker and a director of sales and marketing, and has helped thousands of families find, design, and build their own homes throughout the southeast United States.

Jared is currently a Trustee of the Florida Sales and Marketing Council which is affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders, was previously the President of the Sales and Marketing Council of Polk County, has taught industry leaders numerous times at various conferences throughout the country such as the International Builders Show, the Southeast Builder Conference, and the SMA Best Practices Conference, and authored a book titled, “The Secrets of Selling More Homes with Facebook.” He is an industry expert in new home sales and marketing – both online and onsite.

Excellent customer service is a key to Jared’s success helping families buy homes. Jared shared, “When families understand what to expect when designing and building a new home it makes the entire process a joyful and memorable experience!” When working with one particular builder the team was able to achieve an astounding 97% customer recommendation rating – and consistently achieved greater than a 93% rating for many years (an industry high).

In 2006 Jared and his wife Paula moved to Lakeland with their family. At that time their three children were young and they have enjoyed growing up in this part of Central Florida. When asked about the area Jared explained, “Lakeland and Polk County are home. We love the people, the towns and the wonderful lifestyle that is offered here. We enjoy the great schools and the easy access we have to the big cities and theme parks. It feels good to think of ourselves as a hometown, local builder. We love the idea of giving back to this wonderful community by providing top-quality homes to deserving families.”

If you are looking for a team to help you design, manage and build your next custom home project you could not be in better hands than with William Webb and Jared Weggeland. Put over 30 years of combined new home experience on your side and start living the lifestyle you have been dreaming about by contacting them today.

Other services provided:

  • – Buy land on which to build your custom home
  • – List and sell your current home, helping you move sooner rather than later
  • – Remodel your existing home with the most recent technology and designs
  • – Buy an older home and remodel it to your specific, updated requirements
  • – Buy a home from the resale market

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