About Us: The Process

Initial consultation

During the initial consultation with a Focus Homes expert you will discuss the “Seven Areas” which are: Home plans; home features; home sites, desired areas, communities, the builder and financing. You may even start sketching floor plan concepts together! You may request a meeting with a Focus Homes expert now if you wish or you can also call or text (863) 640-2246 to contact someone today.

Lending pre-approval (if financing)

When building a custom home is it vital to obtain a lender pre-approval. The investment for a Focus Home built from scratch can vary greatly due to the location, home site, floor plan size, interior and exterior finishes and architectural complexity. Submit a FREE online pre-qualification now if you don’t already have an approval in hand. If you get a chance, have a look at the information needed for a mortgage application – it is helpful to have all of your paperwork in order, and make the lending process much easier.

Design your custom floor plan with Focus Homes today!
It’s fun to be creative, especially when we are talking about your new home. Design your custom floor plan with Focus Homes today!

Design planning

Once you and a Focus Homes expert have reviewed your custom home needs, home site needs, and personal project budget, a preliminary floor plan will be drafted by a professional. It is very important to communicate clearly with Focus Homes so that nothing is missed on your one-of-a-kind plan design, but don’t worry, the prelim plan will be reviewed together also. At this point the plan design investment is typically between $590 to $990 and can be paid by check. Request a floor plan design planning meeting today!

Prelim design review

After the draftsman has completed your preliminary floor plan drawings, you will sit down again with a Focus Homes expert to review those plans, make any changes and submit those changes so that the final, detailed construction drawings be completed – these are the drawings that will be used for permitting and the construction of your new custom home. It is critical to the Focus Homes process to have all decisions about your floor plan layout and elevations (the exterior look of your home) made at this point, before the construction drawings are completed.

Final plan review

This is it! Your new Focus Home is almost completely designed. At the final plan review meeting there should only really be minor adjustments being made, nothing structural. This is the last opportunity to make any changes and all parties sign off on the plans so that the final construction drawings can be completed. This is where Focus Homes is very different to other custom builders. Some custom builders “make their money” on costly change orders during the construction process – we don’t play that game. All decisions are made up front so that once construction begins there are no hold ups, no confusions, no frustrations – it is just better this way.

It is important to form a budget up front when building a custom Focus Home
It is important to form a budget up front when building a custom home and the Focus Homes experts will help you along the way

Budget formation

Behind the scenes, once Focus Homes has the final set of completed construction drawings, a budget will be formed for your specific, one-of-a-kind, custom home. This budget will take into account not only the approved plans, but will also take into account all of the interior and exterior finishes that we will have already discussed.

Budget approval

You will meet with a Focus Homes expert to review and approve your final budget. This budget typically represents the final and total investment you should expect for your completed new home project. Focus Homes works very diligently with you and your lender to ensure that we have stayed within your pre-approval amount and your designated budget. If you haven’t already done so, submit a FREE online pre-qualification today!

Focus Homes customers work with professional interior designers to make their new custom homes shine
Contact Focus Homes to meet with a professional Interior Designer and make your new custom home shine!

Interior design selection

This is the fun part! Within your project budget a certain amount of time is allocated for professional interior design services. You will meet with the Interior Designer and make all of your interior and exterior design selections at a local home design center. Learn more about the design studio process now.

Final, final budget approval

If you do not make any additional upgrades in your design finishes when you meet with the Interior Designer, then this step won’t take place. The budget that you have already approved with Focus Homes will still remain in affect and we move on to the next stage of your custom home construction process.

Pre-construction meeting

A master builder from Focus Homes will meet with you one-on-one to review your plans, budgets, selections and the details of your construction project. This is a communications meetings – Focus Homes wants to make sure everyone is on the exact same page before “pushing dirt” and beginning construction on your dream home.

Construction-perm loan closing

Your loan officer will have been working hard on your loan in the background, using the information supplied with your mortgage application, while you have been having fun with the Focus Homes experts designing your custom home. Typically the construction-perm loans used by Focus Homes buyers are a “one-time” close. After the closing you own the home site, if you don’t already own it, and the construction funds are made available to start construction on your new home!

A Focus Homes master builder is an expert at custom home design and construction
Let a master builder from Focus Homes manage your entire custom home project from finish to end


Your Focus Homes master builder manages every aspect of the construction process making sure that the plans, features, finishes and interior design elements that have been selected are all crafted into your gorgeous, new, custom home. They are also responsible to ensure that all building codes are adhered to and that all governmental inspections are passed along the way. Your master builder will contact you regularly. Sit back and let your master builder work their magic.

Home owner orientation and walk through

When your new home is completed, your Focus Homes master builder will contact to you for a customer “walk-through” and orientation. There are a lot of new systems (appliances, AC, irrigation, etc.) in your new home that you won’t yet be familiar with, and they will go through each one together with you. This is a change to make a punch list which will be completed efficiently. It’s best to only schedule a moving date after you have your loan modification meeting scheduled with your lender.

Need a construction loan for your new custom home project? Focus Homes can help with their lender network
When your new Focus Home is completed then you will modify for construction-perm loan with your lender

Loan modification

With a one-time construction-perm loan used to construction your custom Focus Home this is a rather painless process. There are a few documents to be signed, your construction loan, which up to this point has been an interest only loan, will be converted into your long term mortgage with the typical monthly investment which will include principal, interest and perhaps taxes and insurance if these amounts are “escrowed” with your lender. That’s it – you own a gorgeous, new, luxury Focus Home!

Move in day

Move in day is fun, exciting and exhausting. Try not to push yourself too hard, but Focus Homes also knows how thrilling it is to sleep in crisp, clean sheets for the first night in a new custom home. We know that you will love your new house and will enjoy making it into your family home.

Enjoy your new life in your new custom Focus Home! Call or text (863) 640-2246 now, or contact us online today to get started on your new custom home project.