Buy: Learn About New Homes

The Focus Homes experts can help you find a new home if you would prefer not to design and build a custom home
When you would rather buy a new home than to build a custom home, the experts at Focus Homes can help you find that home of your dreams. Contact them today!

There are many, many reasons why you should seriously consider buying a new home. If you don’t wish to build your own, custom Focus Home, then let us help you find the new home of your dreams. Some of the benefits of buying a new home include:

  • – They come with excellent warranties like a builder warranty, a structural warranty, manufacturers warranties, and these bring great peace of mind
  • – New homes are built to the latest building codes using the best practices of today, not from several years ago
  • – You will find that new homes are much more energy efficient than older homes! This saves the home owners a lot of money in utility expenses each year
  • – You can personalize your new home and you’re not “stuck” with the design or decorating choices of previous owners
  • – Everything is crisp, clean, shiny and new! (It’s hard to beat that fresh, new smell when you move in)
  • – You can often save thousands of dollars in closing costs (many builder assist contribute or pay all of these mortgage expenses)
  • – Many new homes are built in areas where zero down home loans are available with special 100% government mortgages
  • – It is easier to qualify for a new home mortgage than to obtain a construction loan or construction-perm loan

Contact Focus Homes online today to start a detailed search for your new home – one that will best fit your family’s needs, budget and desires. Alternatively, call or text (863)640-2246 now!