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December 16, 2015
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“Market awaits Federal Reserve rates “lift off”

The US Federal Reserve is due to announce decisions on raising interest rates at 19:00 GMT on December 16th for the first time since 2006.

In recent weeks the US Federal Reserve has intimated that they will raise interest rates in the world’s largest economy for the first time since June 2006 – a full year before the global financial crisis began. Economists questioned in the latest Reuters poll on the subject have predicted a rate rise this week.

Although there have been many false starts as US interest rate signals have been re-examined, the strength of the US economy seems to be well engrained to withstand a hike now. As such, expectation is for rates to rise at a gradual pace over the next two years.

Despite the ever increasing likelihood of a historic rise in US interest rates, such actions cannot be guaranteed. Should the Federal Reserve refrain from raising rates the US dollar may succumb to an aggressive sell-off.”

Thank you @moneycorpusa for the good read.

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