Financing: Down Payment Assistance

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with an initial investment or down payment to buy a new home. It’s not always easy. The experts at Focus Homes can help. They have years of experience helping families in this exact situation create a plan and buy a new home sooner than later!
Focus Homes can help in many ways:

  • – They will help you obtain down payment assistance through their preferred lenders
  • – They will help you find areas with special 100%, no-money-down, government backed loan programs
  • – They will help veterans and active military to obtain 100% mortgages through their preferred lenders
  • – If you make too much money for these programs, Focus Homes will help you with a down payment plan

Don’t let the fear of not have thousands, and thousands of dollars put aside to buy your new home stop you from looking and planning your dream home. Call or text (863) 640-2246 now to start the conversation, or submit a FREE online pre-qualification form today!