Financing: International Money Transfers

When you are a non-US resident, or citizen, and you would like to transfer funds from your currency into US dollars to purchase a new Florida home or villa, the traditional banking fees and exchange rates can be very expensive (if you don’t know any differently). Did you know that Moneycorp is one of the world’s leading international money exchange companies and can save you literally thousands of dollars in fees and exchange rates when moving money to the US. Learn more about saving on your money transfers through Moneycorp now or call or text (863) 640-2246 today to speak with one of the expert team at Focus Homes.
If you already know about Moneycorp, or you have friends that have already successfully used the service (and saved a bundle) and you think you’d like to open up a FREE international money transfer account, and start earning big savings now yourself, click here!
When you are in the middle of researching the new home buying process in Florida, you’re investigating different foreign national new home loan options, or deciding whether or not you would like to conduct a cash purchase for your Florida real estate,  now may also be a good time to request a little more information directly from the international money transfer experts at Moneycorp (they can save you thousands).
RESOURCE: Have a look at what your currency is worth in US dollars now using this handy currency converter, a free service provided thanks to the experts at Moneycorp.
Focus Homes is here to help. If you need any further information about foreign exchange, or other aspects of buying a new home or villa in Florida, contact us online now!