Floor Plans: Investments


What you choose to invest in your new Focus Home can vary widely based upon the types of finishes you desire, the heated and cooled living space, the overall square footage, the complexity of design and more. When you are using mortgage financing to purchase your new home another factor to consider is how much the bank is willing to finance. Sometimes the bank will require home buyers to pay for some of their options and
features in cash and finance the rest. Don’t let this worry you though, the expert team at Focus Homes has guided¬†hundreds of families over the years to successfully finance their entire new custom home project. Contact us now to arrange an initial consultation. In the mean time, why not complete a FREE online pre-qualification?
Focus Homes has partnered with Mascord, an architectural floor plan design firm, to help our customers search floor plan styles and designs. You may want to purchase one of these plans and Focus Homes will build it for you (it will probably take some customization to match the required Florida building codes), or you may want to design a one-of-a-kind, custom home from scratch. The search tool is below. Enjoy!