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Check out this interactive home from census.gov shared by Focus Homes
Want to know the details about all homes completed and sold in 2014? From bedrooms and bathrooms, to the number of stories. Learn it all with this interactive home by census.gov
If you find housing information interesting, then I think you will very much enjoy this interactive home provide by census.gov.
As you “wonder” around the home, click on the various hot spots to uncover statistics about homes sold and¬†completed in the US in 2014 (the most recent information available). How many homes had 2-stories? How many garages did the average home consist of? What is the average number of bedrooms or bathrooms?
Once you have had a chance to play around with this cool online tool, if you are thinking about moving and building, give the experts at Focus Homes a call or text at (863) 640-2246 to get the conversation started today!

2 thoughts on “Home characteristics – sold and completed homes report 2015 issued by census.gov

  1. i have an exterior, solid core wooden door (36 ) that slams very easily. The whole wall is actually out of plumb, tilting towards the outside so the door naturally picks up speed as it closes. i realize the true fix should be to reinstall the whole door frame but i am looking for an easier fix for now. i really don’t want to install a hydraulic type of door closer with a big apparatus and articulating arm so i was hoping you could recommend something that looks nicer. thanks, jon

  2. Jon, that’s horrible. I know exactly what you are talking about. Slamming doors are not fun at all. It would be best to reinstall the door frame, using shims to make it plumb. In the mean time, you might want to look at different types of hinges. Some of them have built in mechanisms, and they are much less bulky than the larger hydraulic types. All the best!

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