Home Features: Design Studio Process

Creating and adding the details to your new custom Focus Home at the Design Studio can be one of the most exciting, and sometimes stressful, parts of the home building experience. There are a lot of choices to be made and a lot of items to look at, consider, and select. The experts at Focus Homes have teamed up with trained, certified, interior designers to help our customers have the most enjoyable experience possible as you convert your home plans, into a house, into a place you call home. Here is what typically occurs before, during and after your Design Studio appointment:

  • – Meet with the experts from Focus Homes to discuss your floor plan, home features, home site, area, community and financing needs
  • – If using a construction-perm loan, obtain a pre-approval and establish your personal budget (this may even be before the initial consultation)
  • – Preliminary plans are drafted and reviewed together
  • – Final plans are created and approved
  • – Interior and exterior finish “levels” are decided and included in your custom home budget
  • – Notes are made on your floor plan to help the interior designer in the Design Studio appointment. Things like flooring types by location, countertop materials, and general finishes inside and out. The more we give the Interior Designer, the smoother the process
  • – Complete a “preview” of the Design Studio. This is a visit that you make to the Design Studio to review selections, products, features without buying consultation¬†time with the Interior Designer
  • – Complete your Design Studio consultation. Focus Homes pays for a professional Interior Designer to sit down with you at the Design Studio and go over everything in detail. The amount of time allocated¬†will be included in the budgeting phase (that happens well before this step in the process) and depends largely on the size of your new Focus Home and the design complexity of your new home project
  • – Make all of your selections at the Design Studio consultation. Once you have completed your Design Studio preview and sometimes during the Design Studio consultation, you may actually want to upgrade some of your selection “levels”. If that occurs, the budget will need to be updated by a Focus Homes expert
  • – Focus Homes updates your new home budget, if upgrades were made, and the new budget is approved

And that’s it! Call or text (863) 640-2246 now to talk more about your personal interior and exterior design needs, or contact us online today to request more info!