Location: East Polk $100 – $500+

There is a lot going on in East Polk County, Central Florida where you can easily find new homes from the mid-$100s to the $500s +. There are a few major thoroughfares in the region, Hwy 60 going east and west, and Hwy 27 going north and south – making it very easy for home owners to get back and forth from Orlando to Miami (on Hwy 27) and from Vero Beach to Tampa Bay (along Hwy 60).
Parts of the east county are rural meaning that you can buy a lot more new home for the money compared to the investments you should expect in larger, more urban towns and cities. If a more quiet and tranquil existence is most appealing to you and your family, call (863) 640-2246 now to discuss your new custom Focus Home options, or contact us online today for more information!