Luxury Remodels: Additions

Remodel now, make your current home larger with a luxury addition by Focus Homes
When you need to expand your living space Focus Homes can help you design and build a luxury addition to your current home

There comes a point in every family’s “lifecycle” when their current home no longer fits the needs of their growing family. Whether they are having more children, or the children they have are just getting to be bigger people, sooner or later all families will ask themselves if they should opt to build a brand new home that would better suite their needs, or if remodeling their current home and constructing an “addition” would be best for their family.

The good news is that Focus Homes can help you with either! If you would like a brand new custom home, we are the experts at that. If you would prefer to construct an addition to your current home, we are experts at that too. When you plan an addition to your home we will guide the entire process from plan creation, to final completion.

To be fair, any major remodeling project like this can be stressful – even when you hire the experts at Focus Homes. If you love your current home, you love the neighborhood, you love the local schools, churches and shops, an addition to your home is an excellent solution and Focus Homes experts will do all they can to reduce the stress for you and your family as much as possible.

If any of this sounds like you or the situation you find yourself in, go ahead and call or text (863) 640-2246 now or contact us online today. Let’s discuss your home aspirations together and improve your qualify of life starting now.