Luxury Remodels: Gourmet Kitchens

Update your gourmet kitchen with the experts at Focus Homes - remodel today
Sometimes Focus Homes buyers will purchase an older home and want to update the kitchen – we can do that!

Your kitchen is often the heart of your home. People are constantly coming and going. Parties are enjoyed. A relaxing morning drink is had before your busy days. Families dinners and memories are made.

Unfortunately, the kitchen that was modern, stylish, well designed and desirable a number of years ago can become dated, unattractive and less functional for today’s living. With the rapid evolution of technology this becomes more true every year.

The experts at Focus Homes can help you from design concept, through demolition, and to a wonderful completion in a reasonable amount of time and it won’t take “an arm and a leg” to accomplish. Remodeling projects can vary widely from about $35,000 to well over $150,000 – it’s up to you! If you are considering remodeling and updating your kitchen, and other parts of your home for that matter, contact us today or  call or text (863) 640-2246 now – we would love to discuss your needs.