Luxury Remodels: The Best Process

The experts at Focus Homes will help you with all of your luxury remodel needs
Focus Homes will guide you through the entire luxury remodel process. Start your project today!

There is a process to everything in construction and remodeling projects. Here is a process that the experts at Focus Homes has found to be most effective, the least stressful and have the most enjoyable outcome:

  • – Establish a luxury remodeling project budget
  • – Determine if you will be paying cash or if you would like to seek financing for your project
  • – If you are going to seek financing, get pre-approved by your bank for a home equity loan or an improvement loan
  • – Meet with Focus Homes to discuss your wants and project needs
  • – Complete a “site evaluation” with Focus Homes (is the current home a suitable candidate for a luxury remodeling project?)
  • – Obtain an estimate from Focus Homes
  • – Sit back and let Focus Homes construct your remodeling project
  • – Do your best to be patient during the building process (we understand that you are still living, working and functioning in your current home)
  • – Complete a home owner walk through and orientation
  • – Enjoy your brand new living spaces and the new life they will provide you and your family!

If you are thinking of working on a remodeling project from about $35,000 to well over $150,000, contact Focus Homes online today. You can also call or text (863) 640-2246 to learn more and to get started.